•  make new friends
  •  earn badges and certificates
  •  have loads of fun and
  •  learn GYMNASTICS

    All Shams Gymnastics programs are
    designed to introduce young people to
    the amazing sport that is Gymnastics
    with the emphasis of having fun...

Dubai Gymnastics
Gymnastics in Dubai is getting stronger, at Shams Gymnastics we strive to prepare your child to meet the demands of modern-day life, by developing the necessary tools of…..


It is dedicated to training young gymnasts, both boys and girls of all levels of ability from kindergarten through recreational to Elite standard and competitive squads. Our aim is to offer all children the opportunity to experience gymnastics in a safe and friendly environment with professional coaches. "Be part of Dubai gymnastics and help develop your childs future."

We want happy and confident gymnasts by combining the very best from our facilities and equipment. We are constantly reviewing our equipment to cater for the increasing demands of our gymnasts at all levels.


Dubai Gymnastics
Dubai Gymnastics

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